6 Must-Have Marketing Tools for Realtors®

6 Must-Have Marketing Tools for Realtors®

  • Chad Roffers
  • 06/29/21

Social Media, Data Analytics, and Other Tools That Make Real Estate Agents Successful

If you plan to hold or attend luxury home auctions, you probably already know that you need to work with a real estate agent experienced in the auction process. But have you thought more about what it takes for a Realtor® to successfully promote or guide you to an auction? This usually comes down to marketing, and the right tools can mean the difference between a highly successful auction and one that underperforms. When looking for an agent to partner with for high-end real estate auctions, it helps to understand the marketing tools they utilize to get the job done.

1. Social Media Management

The majority of those searching for homes to buy or luxury home auctions to attend are doing so online. Real estate agents should be conversant in using social media to craft appealing and attention-grabbing marketing campaigns to reach these potential buyers or sellers. These campaigns ought to include Facebook and Instagram ads to direct your ideal buyers to your listing or upcoming high-end real estate auctions.

​​​​​​​The world of social media marketing is complex, time-consuming, and ever-changing, so the most successful Realtors® either utilize in-house social media specialists or work with firms that provide the services for them. Before you choose an agent to represent you as a buyer at luxury home auctions or as a seller, ask them about their social media marketing plan and the tools they will use to implement it.

2. Lead Generation

Without a reliable system to generate quality leads and effectively follow up with those leads, your Realtor® will not be able to attract ideal buyers to luxury home auctions or listings. Your Realtor’s® lead generation tools should allow him or her to get in front of those who are in the market to buy and who are most likely to purchase at an upscale real estate auction. These tools should also include a system to help the agent follow up after auctions and keep in touch with those who did not buy or who are likely to buy again in the future. Meet with any potential Realtors® you are considering working with to discuss their lead generation tools and how they will ensure your auction is a success.

3. Website and Landing Page Development and Management

Successful Realtors® have user-friendly websites that make it easy for prospective buyers and those who want to hold luxury home auctions to navigate. In addition to a complete website, Realtors® must also know how to effectively manage landing pages. Landing pages are those pages on a website that are designed for the specific purpose (such as promoting high-end real estate auctions) of converting visitors to leads. Landing pages are typically linked in social media or email marketing campaigns so that those interested in a specific event or property can easily get all the information they are seeking without having to click through an entire website to find it. Effective landing pages have clear calls to action and are a way to gather contact information from those who visit the page so the Realtor® can later reach out to them. Creating effective websites and landing pages is a specialized and time-consuming endeavor that most real estate agents don’t have the time or knowledge to do themselves. Ask the agents you are considering working with if they have someone on their team trained in website design or partnering with an outside company to handle the task.

4. Email Marketing

Once your Realtor® has gathered email addresses from those who are interested in holding or attending high-end real estate auctions, he or she needs to follow up with them through an effective email marketing campaign. This can include a regular email newsletter, follow-up, referral request emails, welcome emails, and emails to announce auction dates or other important information. Emails should be friendly, informative, and be aimed at getting recipients engaged in the auction process.

5. Data Analytics

How does your real estate agent determine whether marketing campaigns calculated to drive traffic to luxury home auctions are working? Without data analytics, it’s usually pretty difficult to ascertain which strategies are paying off and which are wasting time and money. Your agent needs to have a way to see the numbers, such as how many visitors viewed a landing page, how many of those who visited filled out the form, and how many views and clicks Facebook or Instagram ads have received. The agent should also be able to interpret these numbers to tweak methods that are underperforming and repeat those that are working well. Data analytics is another specialized marketing tool that is best left to those trained on how to interpret them.

6. Agent Network

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