Agent, Allie Beth Allman & Associates, Dallas, TX

After working together on what is now almost a dozen auctions, Concierge Auctions has never ceases to amaze me. Their global marketing outreach and HNW database are unrivaled, as is their cooperation with the brokerage community at large. Concierge Auctions has never auctioned a property without an agent partner, which makes the sales process seamless, collaborative, and ultimately, a true partnership.


Seller, Fiji

What I was most impressed by was that. The marketing effort was the best I’ve ever seen. We needed people to come to look at the property, and previously that was difficult. Unfortunately, the fact that it hadn’t sold made everyone think it was the price, but it wasn’t. No one had even offered anything before I hired Concierge. In an unbelievably short period of time, they made the whole nation know about the opportunity and created interest. And people came and experienced it. That’s how the property sold.


Agent, Shane Aspen Real Estate, Aspen, CO

[Concierge is] like a well-oiled machine; they have the steps down to a science. From their marketing preparation to personalized sales efforts, the sense of opportunity they conveyed to potential buyers and an effective timing strategy was critical to our collective success. They are certainly experts and invigorating to work alongside.


Seller, Toronto, Canada

I partner with businesses based on many factors, but most important of all are their people. The Concierge Auctions and Barry Cohen teams are especially strong and their process gives sellers, as I was, the advantages of control, predictability, and liquidity—all on your timeline. This is an innovative means of buying and selling real estate that benefits from Concierge’s reach to both local and global clientele through excellent marketing capability that is conducted within a very competitive environment. It is a uniquely fast, efficient, and rewarding method of selling your home.


Agent, Engel & Völkers, Park City, UT

Every now and then in the real estate world, we run into quite unique properties that—although have very high quality—are so unique that they can be very difficult to sell. In this case, I believe Concierge Auctions sped up the process by years, bringing 11 fully-qualified buyers to the table within just a few weeks. The seller was able to start the next chapter in her life years earlier than she would have with traditional marketing in this situation.


Seller, Summertide, Lake Tahoe, NV

After having been on the market for years, we were intrigued by a process that would give us control. We vetted a number of auction companies and after much due diligence, we chose to partner with Concierge Auctions because their auction platform is the best in the industry. The outreach afforded to us was incredible, resulting in a full list price offer just days into the auction marketing cycle. We couldn't be happier with the process from start to finish, and we truly believe we would not have realized the price we did without Concierge—in fact, our only regret is not hiring them sooner.


Agent, Hilton & Hyland, Los Angeles, CA

The Concierge team exceeded our expectations. Their ability to infiltrate the market in such a short amount of time was highly impressive. This auction truly was a team effort, resulting in success for everyone involved. I would definitely recommend Concierge to other listing agents. They're professional and focused, their process is effective, and their team clearly understands the luxury market.


Seller, Rancho Santa Fe, CA

We were referred to Concierge Auctions by our friends who sold their property with the firm. We were absolutely thrilled with the global exposure our property received, both on-site and behind the scenes. The market conditions demanded a more aggressive approach than the traditional sales model. We were able to navigate the auction process seamlessly and find a new owner for our home. We highly recommend Concierge Auctions to anyone selling their home.


Agent, Synergy Sotheby's International Realty, Las Vegas, NV

Working with Concierge Auctions is always a thrill—from excitement and anticipation to ultimately, success—and the buyer interest in this sale was especially rewarding. Since the first time I met Concierge after their auction of Cher's Hawaii estate in 2010, I've been a fan. They are the best of the best at driving qualified, global interest and revealing the value of one-of-a-kind properties.


Seller, The Grand Teton Estate, Jackson Hole, WY

The level of professionalism and skill from everyone on the Concierge Auctions team was impressive. Each person played their part to figure out how to achieve the best price. Prior to working with Concierge, I was very specific about approving potential buyers to see the property. I simply didn’t want my privacy invaded. The Concierge team managed the showings well, and I was relieved after hiring them that the entire process—from beginning to end—would only be five weeks.


Broker/Agent, Allie Beth Allman & Associates, Dallas, TX

Walnut Place is a one-of-a-kind historic estate that required an equally unique owner who could appreciate the rarity of the offering and its future potential. Through its tremendous global outreach, Concierge Auctions has the ability to find that one perfect buyer, which is what happened here this week at Walnut Place. It’s a successful working relationship we hope to continue for years to come.


Seller, Vail, CO

The marketing executed by Concierge Auctions was over and above world-class. We just couldn’t be happier. After having our home on the market for about two and a half years, without much traffic, we’re delighted the auction process stirred up the marketplace to find our buyer. I’ve already sent Concierge’s contact info to two or three of my friends in the same boat, looking to downsize and wondering how to get it done. This is the way.


Agent, Hawaii Life Real Estate Brokers, HI

There is no other way to bring the market to a property faster and with more integrity than working with Concierge. They are the swat team of local, national, and international marketing when it comes to high-end real estate. It has been my pleasure to have successfully and personally represented buyers and sellers of 21 Hawaiian properties with their company.


Seller, Happy Valley Estate, Scottsdale, AZ

Our objective was to move this property in an expedited process, versus the delays and uncertainties of a traditional brokerage. The auction presented urgency and forced a conclusion. It was very important that we select a skilled and experienced auction company, and there’s no doubt Concierge did the job.


Agent, Hilton & Hyland, Los Angeles, CA

We're very pleased with the sale of the Robert Taylor Ranch. Concierge did an amazing job identifying real buyers, resulting in success on auction day. We look forward to working with them again.


Seller, Cove House, Darien, CT

The team at Concierge Auctions was exceedingly professional—an aggressive group of individuals who in many ways reminded me of my days on Wall Street. The process attracted interest, generated competition, and created a market. I firmly believe the future of luxury home sales will be increasingly weighted towards the Concierge Auctions methodology.


Agent, Illustrated Properties, FL

The competitive environment attracted buyers globally, which enabled us to unlock liquidity out of the property in a timely manner. I’m a big believer in the Concierge process. Their reach is a tremendous value-add, and they have an incredible sense of teamwork.


Seller, Playa Vista Isle, Hillsboro Beach, FL

I hired Concierge Auctions because their reach to the most elite buyers across the globe is unsurpassed, and I’ve been equally impressed by the attention to detail and business acumen of their entire organization. If I had the chance to sell this property again, Concierge Auctions would be my first call. They are the best organization in the world to produce the highest price for one-of-a-kind properties in an efficient manner.


Agent, French & Co., Vero Beach, FL

Concierge Auctions clearly understands luxury real estate and how to activate qualified buyers.


Seller, Pa Gomo, Telluride, CO

I have now sold three properties with Concierge, and I enjoy the control their process affords me as a seller. They deliver maximum market price on my timeframe.

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