Are Millennials Changing Real Estate Jobs?

Are Millennials Changing Real Estate Jobs?

  • Chad Roffers
  • 03/1/19
The wants, needs, and trends of millennials are unlike any other and are transforming businesses. Millennials have reconstructed the average lifestyle and are now changing the real estate industry. Due to this generation’s effect on the business, jobs in real estate may be looking at major changes.

Social Media Demand

It’s undeniable that social media has become a part of daily lives and has affected how business is conducted. If a business does not have a strong social media platform and following, their chances of reaching the millennial generation are slim to none. Real estate companies and firms realize this and are now creating jobs specifically for social media outreach. Whether it’s adding a new member to the team or outsourcing for a social media expert, companies know social media is a vital tool for the success of their business. Agents are also finding new ways to build their social media presence and reach out to more potential clients.

Online Focus

As the younger and more tech-savvy generation steps up to a career in real estate, more of them are focusing their attention on their online presence. Much like social media, establishing a strong online presence has become imperative. Through online platforms such as Facebook or Zillow, millennial real estate agents are able to create multiple profiles to reach out to potential clients and even give virtual house tours. They also cut the traditional time of signing contracts with clients in half by doing it all online. Millennials see the efficiency and ease of using online resources and are not shy about utilizing them.

Accounting for Personal Interaction

While much of the millennial generation will utilize the strengths of technology, they also don’t discount the power of face-to-face interactions. Much of the generation still appreciates talking in-person and knows it can be better for business. Millennials are finding the correct balance between using the efficiency of online resources and the personal touch of meeting face-to-face. Not only are they able to better get to know their clients, but they also build a strong and multilevel network.
As the job functions of the real estate industry begin to shift, the millennial generation is very willing to adapt. They aren’t going headfirst and hoping for the best; they’re finding the best way to close deals and find their client’s dream home as quickly as possible. Although the grunt work of finding the perfect buyer for a home and reaching out to clients is still there, millennials have found more efficient ways to work in real estate.

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