Convert Your Extra Room Into an Airbnb

Convert Your Extra Room Into an Airbnb

  • Chad Roffers
  • 12/21/17
Recently, I wrote a blog post about things you can do with an extra room in your house. Although I covered many options, I thought it would be great to extrapolate on the various options. Today, I want to go in-depth on how to convert your spare room into a lodging for Airbnb.

Step 1: Functionality

Obviously, converting a bathroom into an Airbnb bedroom is going to be much more difficult than a second (or third) bedroom. Take into consideration how functional the room is. Does the door work properly? Are there cracks around the windows that leak cold air? Is there a good source of lighting? And is the floor crumbling? As long as everything is structurally sound, you have a solid foundation to convert your room.

Step 2: Necessities

As an Airbnb host, you should have some basics for your guests. A decent bed (not too uncomfortable or about to break), towels, sheets, pillows, and blankets are must-haves. You don’t need to go too pricey with this, but make sure nothing is falling apart, and clean everything well between guests. Beyond these things, you should also make sure the guests have plenty of toilet paper and access to dishes and cookware. You can set house rules about what is and isn’t allowed, but keep in mind that your guests chose to stay with you instead of a hotel. Consider charging less if your accommodations are not top-quality or you have many rules to follow.

Step 3: Extras

Aside from the necessities, it may be nice to have a bedside table, a cheap dresser, and even a TV in your guest room. While you don’t need to overwhelm them with the latest game systems and enough storage for them to move in, adding a few extra items will make your guests feel more welcome.

Step 4: Decorate

Decorations are another non-necessity that can make your room stand out. Painting the walls a fresh color and placing a potted plant on the windowsill will make a huge difference. Also, make sure that any shared spaces are clean and tidy. A cluttered living room and a dirty bathroom might leave a bad taste in your guest’s mouth. While they may still want to stay there, if you aren’t transparent before they book, they can leave a bad rating.

Step 5: Entertain

Your guests probably have an itinerary for their trip, but giving them some ways to stay entertained will ensure that they can experience your neighborhood to the fullest. For example, make a list of the best restaurants, clubs, and attractions near you. You can even print out a map and put markers on it to show where they are at. Another welcome piece of info is what the best way is to get there, both in terms of time and price. Leaving a booklet of this info for your guests will show them that you care about whether or not they are enjoying themselves, and they will be less likely to contact you about questions they have.
Hosting on Airbnb can make you a significant amount of money. If you could use a little extra income, or if you just want to meet some new people, I highly suggest converting an extra room into an Airbnb residence.

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