How the Weather Affects Real Estate

How the Weather Affects Real Estate

  • Chad Roffers
  • 03/22/18
New York has seen some incredible snowstorms over the past few years, and it doesn’t seem likely to stop. Nobody wants to go outside to get a coffee or walk the dog, but what about touring a house? It’s true that weather affects real estate, but to what extent? Let’s look at a few trends that tend to happen and see if the weather plays a part in it.

Winter Sales Are Low

Winter may be many people’s favorite season, but it is also the worst time of the year to sell or buy a house. Nobody wants to sell, because nobody wants the bad luck of having to move during a blizzard. Nobody wants to buy, because there is a perception that any home listed during the winter is there because the owner is desperate to leave, and that can be a bad thing. While many people chalk up low winter sales to the holidays, I know that that is only true for the first half of winter, but the second is low because of temperatures and snowfall.

Spring Listings Skyrocket

If you’ve watched the housing market over the past 6 months, you may be surprised to see many new houses on the market this month. Although the northeast has been destroyed by yet another snowstorm, spring is in the air and coming weeks will prove that. Warmer and sunnier weather makes for more easygoing open houses and tours. We also have the ability to really show off our external beauty by landscaping for spring. Any agent will tell you that the warmer weather of spring means more showings and sales.

Rain Can Be Effective

Many people may disagree with me on this, but I think rainy days can be some of the best for open houses. As long as you get the word out, you are sure to have some people show up. Some of my peers agree that showing a house in the rain can weed out buyers who are on the fence and leave the ones who are really dedicated to buying. This may not work every time, but if an open house falls on a rainy day, think twice before cancelling it.
The weather may not be responsible for slow paperwork turnaround or home inspections, but it does play a big part in the trends of the market. In fact, weather can cause even the best houses to stay on the market for months. If you are looking to buy or sell a house, make sure to keep weather trends in mind.


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