How to Spot Bad Neighbors When Buying A Home

How to Spot Bad Neighbors When Buying A Home

  • Chad Roffers
  • 05/5/19
Buying a home is an exciting accomplishment. People dream of a place where they can settle down and live happily ever after. Having good neighbors sweetens the deal, but when the wrong people live next door, they can make that dream of home ownership turn into a nightmare. A beautiful house in a good area still doesn’t guarantee that there will be good neighbors. Here are some ways to make sure the folks next door are as good of a deal as the home.

An Unkempt Yard With Trash

There’s always that one house on the block that has grass a foot high and looks like they haven’t taken out the trash in weeks. No one wants to live next door to people who could attract rodents and other pests. If the outside is trashy, then it’s easy to gauge what the inside looks like. The people may be a bit lazy, but leaving garbage lying around and having overgrown lawns goes beyond what is acceptable.

An Arguing Couple

It’s not fun to live next door to a couple that is constantly fighting. Though a person may not discover this initially, it pays to do a drive by at different times of day before buying a home. If you hear the couple fighting or notice any warning signs of domestic abuse, it’s a good idea to stay away for your own safety.

Worn Down Playground

Most parents want sweet neighbor children so that their kids have someone to play with, but everyone doesn’t raise their children to be upstanding. Signs that kids destroy stuff can be a basketball hoop with a net hanging by a thread, a worn out and a rusted minivan in the drive, broken toys scattered throughout the lawn, and bicycles lying everywhere. All kids cause wear-and-tear, but be cautious if it looks like the parents aren’t taking care of the mess their children make.

The Neighbors Introduce Themselves During the House Tour

Everyone dreams of a neighborhood where they can borrow a couple of eggs and a cup of sugar when necessary. However, some neighbors tend to be more nosey than helpful. How does one spot a nosy neighbor? These neighbors are often watching the street like a hawk. They may come and introduce themselves and start gossiping about the neighborhood before an individual can tour the home for sale. Rest assured, if they know everyone else’s business on the street, they will be watching to see what they can learn about the new homeowners too.
Before signing on that dotted line, at least, make sure to meet the neighbors. Introductions can tell a lot about the people that live next door, and what kind of life you’ll live if you move there.

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