Open House Tips to Stand Out

Open House Tips to Stand Out

  • Chad Roffers
  • 02/22/18
Showing your house is a big deal. A nice layout can be accentuated by furniture placement, color, and lighting, leading to interested buyers. A dirty and disorganized house will turn away any buyer, even if the house itself is flawless. Take these tips and utilize them to see just how much a well-organized open house sets you apart.

Clean Everywhere

Many people show their house clean. They’ll vacuum, clean the bathrooms, dust, and more. But how many people remember to wipe down the baseboards or the ceiling fan blades? It’s easy to forget this step, but potential buyers will inspect your home thoroughly. Don’t let dust be the reason they leave uninterested.

Provide a Folder

Going to an open house can be overwhelming for buyers. They may feel rushed or crowded, depending on how many people show up. Make it easy to get the important information across by providing a folder for every guest. Things you should include are:
  • A list of highlights they may not have seen,
  • When each appliance or piece of hardware was updated (if they are recent),
  • The basic facts, such as square footage, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and land size,
  • The cost of utilities (roughly), taxes, and any other regular fees,
  • Any other general information that could be a bonus, such as membership in an HOA or a high-end security system.
  • By sharing a folder of information, interested parties will have an easier time comparing your home to others, and they may appreciate the organization.

Lots of Pictures

One problem with open houses (or tours of any sort) is the inability to see a house at all times of the day. If possible, have high-quality pictures taken in the morning, afternoon, and evening to show how the house will look all day. I suggest spending the money to get large pictures printed, so that it is easy to really get an idea of the room.

Leave the Selling to Your Agent

While many homeowners want to play real estate agent and try to sell their homes to potential buyers, it is important to remember that we are hired professionals who know how to seal deals. Homeowners trying to show off their home may scare away buyers, as eagerness can signal signs of a problem. Plus, you might not want to be around as buyers criticize certain aspects, such as your choice of carpeting. Instead, lock up anything priceless or necessary and take the day to run errands or do something fun for yourself.
Open houses are a great way to attract attention to your property, but they need to be done well. Your agent will likely tell you the basics of staging, but talk with them to make sure you are doing everything you can to set yourself up for success. Consider utilizing these ideas, and don’t be afraid to collaborate with your agent to make sure you show your house in the best manner possible.

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