Should You Buy Real Estate Overseas?

Should You Buy Real Estate Overseas?

  • Chad Roffers
  • 05/6/18
Many people dream of owning a home in another country. Some would like to have a mountain home in the Alps while others would rather have a beach house in some exotic island nation.
Whatever the reason for wanting a home overseas, one most ask the question of whether or not buying a home overseas is a good investment. Is there a way to turn an overseas home into a financial advantage?


Buying a home overseas may save money. This is especially true with regard to the initial purchase. A vacation home that might cost one million dollars in the United States may cost a fraction of that price in another country.
Another possible savings when owning a home overseas is in the area of retirement. It is much less expensive to live in some countries than it is to live in the United States. If a person has a home in another country, that person can retire to that home, and retirement dollars will last longer and provide greater purchasing power.


Another reason to buy a home overseas is the potential to generate income. If a person buys a home overseas for retirement, that home can be rented out while the owner is waiting to reach retirement age. By renting out the overseas home, the owner can make a good income while waiting to use the home in the future.


Buying a home overseas is also a type of investment. If a person buys a home in a place where a real estate boom is anticipated, it might be possible to sell that home at a good profit a few years down the road.
If a person is thinking about investing in overseas property, it is important to buy in areas that have political stability. If an investment in property is made in an area of questionable stability, that investment has the potential to become a complete loss.

A Fresh Start

Buying a home overseas has the advantage of allowing a fresh start. In many countries, owning a property will allow a person to obtain a residence visa. This is vital if a person wants to work overseas or just wants to pick up and try something new in a different place.

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