The Most Popular House Styles in the US

The Most Popular House Styles in the US

  • Chad Roffers
  • 01/23/18
When looking at houses, the first thing you notice is the architecture. You may see the color or the materials used, but you are also evaluating the kind of house it is based off of its shape. There are Tudor, Mediterranean, Colonial, and a vast array of others. You may recognize some of these styles from your neighborhood, but have you ever wondered what the most popular house styles in America are? Today, we’ll answer just that.


IThe fifth most popular house style in the US is the cottage. You may recognize this as a smaller home with details from the 1920s. The interior of these homes often include built-in furniture to compensate for its small size. Likewise, many cottages are simplistic, except for their woodwork, which is painted. Finally, most rooms lie on the first floor, as the second story is very small.


Craftsman houses are number four on the list, and they emphasize the craft of building. As a response to the Industrial Revolution, these houses often have more detailed features. One characteristic that sets them apart are their ties to nature, which you can see through extensive usage of wood and stone. Furthermore, Craftsman homes also typically include arched doorways as another nod to the builders’ skill.


Contemporary homes, often confused with the Modern style, are the third most popular style in the US. These houses contain “natural, sustainable components” and are built to maximize natural lighting. Contemporary design also sets itself apart due to its heavy utilization of color, curves, and less rules. It is easy to create a contemporary home that is customized to your needs.


Modern homes, on the other hand, are more strict. Perhaps this is why they are the second most popular style. Defined by straight edges, flat roofs, and elevation changes, these homes are practically art pieces you can live in. Some Modern homes are also made prefab, which means their components are made elsewhere and assembled on-site. These homes are also heavily defined by their luxury materials, such as marble and hardwood flooring.


The most popular home in America is the Ranch style, and it is easy to see why. These houses are sprawling single-floor homes with open floor plans that are easy to build and quick to move into. While you can easily find Ranch houses nearly anywhere, newer ones are popping up less frequently, as land is more scarce and the cost does not justify the style. However, if you want to live in a Ranch home, there is a good chance that you can find one in your area.
With that, we’ve reached the end of the most popular house styles in the US. Some areas vary greatly, as you might find Pueblo-style homes in the southwest or log cabins in the midwest, but anywhere you go, you are sure to find these five homes, and it is understandable, as these homes meet the needs of just about anyone in any area.

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