These Items Increase Home Value

These Items Increase Home Value

  • Chad Roffers
  • 12/21/17
If you are trying to sell a house, you might find that your home is valued at less than you think it should be. Old tips like painting the exterior and interior, as well as making large renovations, leave less of an impact today than they did even a decade ago. Sellers are frustrated that they can’t seem to get as much for their house as they should, but luckily, I have found some features that will draw in buyers.

1. Smart Locks

People love convenience, and what is more convenient than a smart lock? Options like August’s various smart locks can control the door with a smartphone or tablet, even when you are not home. Particularly in areas with significant crime, smart locks with cameras can be a lifesaver. Packages can now be placed inside the doorway, and you will always know when the door is locked. Furthermore, you can share a digital key with anyone, and you will be notified any time they unlock the door. This level of security and ease may seem overwhelming, but for new homebuyers, it can make a huge difference.

2. Water Filtration Systems

Nobody like drinking city water, and well water can have contaminants. Instead of posing this negative to potential buyers, install a water filtration system that requires little maintenance. It may be a small convenience, but filling up a Brita pitcher every day is time-consuming and expensive, while an installed water filter is instant and will not need to be replaced as often.

3. Stainless Steel

If you are planning to renovate your kitchen, stainless steel appliances are the way to go. They look sleek, are easy to clean, and go with most decor. While I don’t suggest getting rid of a perfectly good fridge, consider switching to stainless steel for any appliances you do need to replace.</divp

4. Updated Bathroom

Most bathrooms look dated after people have lived there for years. If anything looks dingy or broken, updating them could make a huge difference. Flooring, faucets, and grout are three areas to be particularly mindful of. Many bathroom renovations are cheap, so updating a few items should not break the bank.
Selling a house is a time-consuming and expensive process. If you have been struggling to find interested buyers, it may be time to make a few renovations. These updates will give you the best chance at attracting buyers, and will certainly increase the value of your home.

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